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Last Word: Talk about the weather and do something about it

Space: The For-Profit Frontier
Arik Hesseldahl, 02.06.03, 12:00 PM ET

NEW YORK - When the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated Feb. 1 over Texas, it took with it not only the lives of seven astronauts but also a spacecraft that would probably cost $3 billion to replace.

Once the investigation into the accident is complete and the cause found and corrected, there will be more shuttle flights. But there won't be any more shuttles built. Instead, the debate will begin within government sectors concerning what NASA's next step in manned space flight will be, and how much it will cost.

But outside government circles, the debate about the next logical step in space travel centers more on private enterprise. It's only a matter of time to Gene Myers, chief executive of the Space Island Group, a West Covina, Calif.-based startup. Myers' plans sound like a NASA bureaucrat's fantasy: Build a fleet of 50 space shuttles that could fly to a constellation of permanent manned space stations, supporting commercial research and development projects, manufacturing operations and tourism operations in orbit, with each flight making a profit.

NASA's current fleet has three shuttles, which are conceptually sound, Myers insists. But they're merely prototypes upon which a private venture could improve.

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Meyers wants to raise the bar on athletics,
like a few hundred miles

Street & Smiths's Sports Business Journal
October 14 2002


Popular Science:November 2000 Article.
The 100 Mile Club - What's next in Space

Gene Meyers talks about the future of space stations and space commerce in the November edition of Popular Science.

Popular Science

Space Island Group in June 2000 Popular Mechanics.
In The June 2000 Issue of Popular Mechanics, Gene Myers talks about the future of Space Commerce and Tourism. On Sale in May!!

The Full Story

November 2002
Aircraft Interiors International

Softroom, The award-winning architectural firm behind a series of concepts for style magazine wallpaper, has launched an ongoing project that promises to be, at the very least, "out of this world". The London-based agency is currently developing schemes for a commercial space station to be constructed in low earth orbit by the Space Island Group.


Space Dividend

The Journal
The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
October 2002
By Curt Hanson

(Exert from the Journal)

Space Island Group (SIG), a california-based company, has plans to put into orbit and then link a dozen or more of the space shuttle's expendable external fuel tanks (ETs) in a giant spinning wheel, forming a classic "2001: a Space Odyssey"- style space station, capable of holding hundreds of visitors in roomy cruise-ship comfort.


Meyers wants to raise the bar on athletics,
like a few hundred miles

Street & Smiths's Sports Business Journal
October 14-20 2002
By Steve Cameron

Gene Meyers wants to raise the level of sports. In fact, he'd like to take athletic competition a few hundred miles into space.

Meyers is the president of the Space Island Group, a California company that intends to privately finance the design, launch and construction of very large commercial facilities for use in space orbit. Meyers, a career industrial engineer, has enlisted technical advisers like John McLucas, former secretary of the Air Force, and one-time NASA space stations director Phil Culbertson.
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