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McCain says Students' project is out of this world.

Presidential hopeful talks to Londonderry High students

By Nora Lyons

Derry News 11-04-99

Presidential Candidate Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) Spoke to 100 Londenderry High School Students about their project, Space Island.

The Commerce center and vacation resort of the future is consistant with his vision of the future of the United States.

McCain began saying the project is "worthy of serious consideration and support," and he did not think the goal of 20 million signatures the students are trying to collect in support the project was an impossible goal,

He said there was government interest in a project like Space Island 20 years ago. Space Island will be constructed from 20 large external liquid fuel tanks for space shuttles. The Tanks would be strung together to form a ring; tow tankls would also form a zero gravity core. SPace ISland would house a five star resort with a staff of 100 and accommodations for 300 guests, Preproduction space research facility, that would work with labs on NASA's International Space Station, and a manufacturing facility.

One student asked McCain if it was a realistic for everyday people to travel in space, citing the example of the Concord teacher and civilian atronuat Christa McAuliffe. McCain said it was realistic "but we need better education in physics and math in particular."

"A good teacher shouldn't make less then a bad senator," he said.

Another student asked why American education was allowed to fall behind other industrialized nations. McCain took responsibility and said elected officials were for the problem.
"Not all the blame in on Washington D.C.," he Said, "Some blame goes to the school boards, principles and parents."
He said special interest spending needs to be eliminated to free up money for education.

LHS social studies teacher Bob Hopkins thanked McCain for his service in VietnaM adding, "I am a Life -Long democrat; I wish you were a Democrat."

When mentioning the internet he said he'd like to "see government keep their hands off." He did mention a need to protect people from crimes associated with the internet like solicitation of children and pornography.

He closed with a plea to the students. "It doesn't matter to me what party affiliation you have, what matters is for your love to be involved in a political campaignand run for office," McCain said. "we need good, young Americans for public service."


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