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Matthew Thorton students blast into Space Island

by Kate Vachon

Derry News 11-10-99

Mrs. Keils Third- grade classroom at Matthew Thorton school made history Friday.
It was the first elementary school to be introduced to the Space Island Project as presented by Steve Juster's Londenderry High school science fiction classes.

"It seemed the natural next phase in our project, to take it on the road," Juster said, "As I told these students, their 9-year old signature is just as important as that of Sen. McCain [Who signed the petition last week

The third grade students spent the last part of the day watching a film about space Island project and talking about space and their dreams. The Students were very excited that their first job could be working on the McAuliffe station.

Space Island group is making this dream of space travel a reality. The space hotel could be up and functioning by the time these students graduate eight grade. By involving students, the founders of this project are trying to prove that the youth of America are not apathetic as they have been portrayed. The LHS students have designed a declaration to pass out. The Declaration and it was suggested that they take it home to their parents before they sign it.

"I would love to go to space," one student said. "it would be great if we had a chance to travel there."

Then , as a wrap-up exercise, students completed a custom-made word search including terms from Space Island and their teachers name, Keli was enthusiastic about the idea of her students traveling to space.

"I signed one, I think it's a wonderful idea," she said.

The LHS students' involvement in this is growing and growing.

"It looks as though we will be traveling to Washington , D.C. in Early February to testify before the Senate about the importance of our project," Jester said. "My students are looking to get as many people informed and educated about the project before that date.

They want to go to Washington with a clear mandate from the American people. It's a bold undertaking, but they are a special group of students, willing to make an effort and stick their necks out. They plan to change the world one declaration at a time. It is a risk that the project might fall through? Hey, as the saying goes, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.


Space Island News - McCain says Students' project is out of this world.
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