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Blaess Corporation

Steven Blaess

BLAESS lived a nomadic life for the first half of his childhood travelling with his family throughout South Australia. He experienced its magnificence and solitude and with this, developed an early inventiveness with objects available to him in order to occupy an inquisitive and growing mind.

The open uninterrupted space and simplicity within the bush and coastal landscapes around The Great Australian Bight, formed an unconscious awareness in BLAESS, that is now displayed in his purpose to create forms and environments which express simplified beauty and freedom within form.

BLAESS graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Human Environments from the University of South Australia in 1994. During his studies, he won a two year Design Scholarship for Excellence in Design and traveled to Hong Kong where he worked with an international architectural practice designing commercial offices interiors and furniture.

After graduating, BLAESS worked with some of Australia’s leading architecture, interior and graphic design companies on high-end residential and billion dollar commercial projects.

BLAESS is actively responsible in all areas of conceptual interior, architecture, furniture and product design, design development and detailing, project management including client, site, national building works co-ordination and international plastics and product manufacture co-ordination and liaison ­ all integral in the creation of quality projects and products.

BLAESS made final selection for his Torch Design Proposal for Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 1999, he has designed concept products for ALESSI, EDRA selected the mseries meditation pod seat for manufacture and release in 2001, iguzzini selected the orbit series lighting for manufacture and release in 2002, luggage designs for Samsonite as well as other product designs for Pandora in Italy.

In addition, PINKUSBLAESS was established in 1996 with co-founder, Kendra Pinkus. Together they design, manufacture and supply the 3pac Digital Tampon Container to Johnson&Johnson Pacific. Discussions regarding supply to North America, South America, Germany, United Kingdom and Hungary are currently in process.

The ‘products’ I create are not treated only as design objects, but symbology as forms that contain their own harmonic meaning and sacred energy. The desire to create within our world, inspirational visual messages that encourage people to be and go beyond their expectations to experience pure potentiality, is the aim of BLAESS reflected in his creations.

Design Philosophy

As in nature, design is a fuse of contrast that forms to create a oneness with its environment. The ever present wonder of nature and its varied forms, colours, textures, personalities, and the psychology of mankind within our environment forms the basis for BLAESS inspiration and design.

Nature is a constant.

There is no end to life, no death in nature only rebirth. Life is a continuum represented by the invisible spirit that burns the light of our ambitions. To see through the eyes of an ant or bird is to see a whole new world that has untapped resources for our imagination. As contrast and harmony are about comparison so too is life, thus to see the world is to see it through many eyes. The basic understanding of living organisms through physics, biology and psychology, their similarities and differences are all necessary in forming an opinion that may be beneficial to all concerned.

As a designer, I approach my work in a holistic manner. An understanding of the subject must be gained before a solution can be presented. The approach should be one that is open minded and ultimately free from previous expectations in order for an intuitive and unconscious decision to be made on which formal technological knowledge is founded.

Above all, I have realised that people are the greatest inspiration for our purpose of being. We give life to each other through our aura and spirit. Thus it is important for me to give a personality to an object or an environment in order to inspire for we as people relate to other personalities.

Our purpose as human beings is to go beyond our expectations and experience our own pure potentiality.

Steven Blaess 1992

Personal Philosophy

The objects we collect and surround our selves with, are expressions of our invisible self.

When we truly discriminate with what we truly want, we begin to understand our self.

Our true self.

Then our outer environment becomes a window into our soul.

Our very being.

Steven Blaess 1999

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