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Debra Deanne Olson

Global Strategies

Debra Olson has been in the forefront of launching futuristic ideas and facilitating paradigm shifts for over 25 years. As a connector of both concepts and people, she has been instrumental in advancing partnerships and movements, raising the bar of possibilities that are changing the World for the better.

She is a recognized leader in design and implementation of compelling strategic roadmaps for organizations that are facing complex challenges. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Youth Employment Fund, in Cambridge Mass. and is a Trustee of The New Visions Foundation in Santa Monica. Both Foundations are focusing building youth entrepreneurship, eradicating poverty, creating careers and jobs in sustainability and restoration, and offering hope for a positive and meaningful future to the next generation.

Debra is a member of The Clinton Global Initiative in NYC and is on the Advisory Board of The Art Center of Design, hosting the first Summit on Designing Sustainable Mobility to be held this month in Pasadena.

As President of The Global Green Company, Ms. Olson saw the synergy of joining forces with The Space Island Group to make Sun Power and all its glory a reality in our lifetime. TGGC's main focus has been on bringing the best of merging green technologies to the marketplace, energizing the green economic sector by creating jobs and organizing teams to build sustainable communities and new cities worldwide.

With strong relations and access in the political and financial sectors worldwide, Ms. Olson will use her abilities to connect the Executive Staff of Space Island with world innovators, corporations and financial institutions to facilitate partnerships that will bring this dream to reality as quickly as possible. She will also invite key scientists, wisdom keepers and leaders to join our Executive Committee once the offices are opened and operational this Spring 2007 to co-create a world and society we can only imagine.

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