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Gene Meyers

CEO & President

Gene Meyers, the visionary behind the Space Island Group, founded the company to bring together the public, corporate and political interests needed to finance and build a lower cost, commercially-driven space transportation system and very large, scale destinations in orbit by 2010.

Rather than starting a space development program from scratch, Mr. Meyers believes that the key to achieving this goal within this timeframe is to slightly modify and then mass produce the manned and unmanned prototype vehicles that NASA and aerospace firms have developed and flight-tested in recent decades. This approach will permit the rapid creation of new, very large, zero-gravity and partial gravity space destinations designed as resorts, biological and materials research centers, factories and medical centers.

The Space Island Project benefits from Mr. Meyers’ 25 year, non-aerospace industrial engineering and manufacturing management career. This broad experience in the cost- conscious private sector allows him to recognize new commercial revenue streams that can be developed from existing government space hardware.

Mr. Meyers has worked as an industrial engineer, V.P. of Engineering and a manufacturing executive with several southern California firms. He is a published author, having written more than 75 articles on the commercial uses of space. In the early 1990s he wrote a book entitled “ET-Solutions” in which he explained how the space shuffle’s huge, orange External Tank (ET) could form the backbone of very large industrial parks in orbit when their odorless fuel was exhausted. The responses he received to that book from companies eager to lease such facilities, combined with the inability of NASA and defense contractors to effectively offer those leases, led Mr. Meyers to found this company to achieve those goals.

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