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Corporate Officers

Ted Cruz

Vice President Marketing

Mr. Cruz began his career in aerospace in quality control and over (3) years was promoted to heading production and quality control for a major aerospace contractor. He developed a unique program that provided a zero-tolerance for production runs, almost eliminated finished product problems and exceeded the companyís production goals.

He continued working in this area for another (3) years maintaining the companyís high quality and production goals. Also during this time he was given the assignment to develop a new marketing program and to manage the companyís sales staff. He excelled in this role and dramatically increased the companyís sales.

Over the next (10) he has worked for several major aerospace companies developing extensive new and successful marketing programs. These experiences provided him with a unique ability to assist in structuring the Space Island Groupís Marketing Program.

He brings to Space Island a level of marketing knowledge that will greatly assist in the projectís success. He is one of several architects of the companies business plan. His management and marketing skills will provide a high level of professionalism to the Space Island Project.

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