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Corporate Relations

Inspiring & Sponsoring the Future

Space Island Group believes this historic, large-scale movement of America into space could be partially funded by Olympic-like, corporate sponsorship and a variety of other product tie-ins. Early public relations campaigns supporting this effort will have a dramatic impact on the revenue-generating potential of this whole idea, while at the same time generating the public enthusiasm needed to drive the support of the business community.

Aerospace personnel in and out of NASA worked out the ET-station engineering and the components for a new generation of launch vehicles during the last 20 years. The United States Government is anxious to let private enterprise generate millions of new jobs and billions of dollars in new tax revenue from NASA's Space Shuttle Program, but Congress doesn't know how to generate public awareness and enthusiasm for the idea. That's where our commercial development of space will draw commercial businesses, advertisers and the entertainment industry into supporting this project.

How many motion pictures, TV ads have you seen with some sort of space theme? Cars, soft drinks, watches, medicines, airlines, candies, banking and phone services, direct broadcast TV - an almost endless list of products and services have tried to wrap themselves in the optimistic excitement of space. But, as with the entertainment industry, viewers could never realistically fantasize about joining in those space activities - until now.

The visuals of the ads could be stunning, and Space Island Group is working closely with NASA and the aerospace industry to generate technically correct images for this purpose.

Narrators could mention that Company X understands that congress is studying the possibility of legislation that will bring this program into existence, and that Company X is proud to be an official sponsor of this innovative American idea - the most exciting project in the history of Mankind.

We are developing several programs for distribution to schools across the nation that will focus on the commercial and employment possibilities of ET-stations, offering additional marketing opportunities for corporate sponsors. There are several dozen of other advertising possibilities that we at Space Island Group are developing more each day. We would be happy to discuss these possibilities with interested companies and their marketing departments or ad agencies.

Space Island Group is currently working with a wide variety of small companies and large corporations for the mutual benefit of commercial aerospace for the future. For more information on corporate and individual sponsorships, please contact us.

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