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Geode Stations

Space Island Modular Stations

Modular building blocks are the key to Space Island's commercial development of space. The External Fuel Tank (ET) is the building block that will allow us to easily build these stations first in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) about 300 to 400 miles above Earth. Then these modules can be sent to the Moon and Mars to build stations in orbit around these bodies.

Zero-Gravity Station

The Space Island Group station will consist of (4) modules made from (2) launches with each launch consisting of; one tank with fuel and one tank retrofitted for habitation upon reaching orbit. Two of these launches will be made unmanned and a third manned launch will bring the construction and operations crews up to start assembly of the first station.

Its primary mission is to test operations for future use of shuttle external tanks for commercial space stations. It will test guidance systems, operations and the efficiency of the use of these ET Modules.

Zero-Gravity Station

The next station will consist of seven tanks clustered together to make up research, manufacturing, satellite construction and repair facilities.

Variable-Gravity Station

The next station to be constructed will be variable gravity station, which will allow for a variety of research facilities conducting experiments in various levels of gravity. This research will cover a variety of different types of research including; medical, materials and many other types of research.

Partial-Gravity Ring Station

The other type of station will be the partial gravity ring stations. These will be developed in different sizes and configurations to provide access for a variety of uses. They will be used as resorts, housing for workers on the zero-gravity stations and many other uses.


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