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Space Island Group (SIG) is the leader in the commercialization of space. SIG plans to design, build and operate commercial space transportation systems and destinations that are dedicated to commerce, research, space solar power, satellite repair, manufacturing and tourism.

The Space Island Project will incorporate technologies, vehicles and procedures developed by NASA and Aerospace Companies over the last 25 years to create a stand-alone, commercial space infrastructure supporting the broadest possible range of manned business activities in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) 400 to 500 miles above Earth.

The Space Island group will provide services, training, ground and space operations, communications and launch facilities for commercial space traffic and space stations. This will be destinations where research and manufacturing facilities will coexist with plush resort hotels in orbit.

Space Island Group is comprised of highly talented, experienced and dedicated engineers, aerospace employees, and designers that see the vision of viable and profitable space commerce for the 21st Century and beyond. Using the newest in materials and technology, Space Island Group strives to create safer and lower cost operations for space commerce and tourism for the 21st Century and beyond.

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In Memoriam

Arthur C. Clarke Supports Space Island Group
"In "2001: A Space Odyssey", Stanley Kubrick and I depicted a commercial spaceplane delivering passengers to a huge, wheel-shaped space station. Commercially operated hotels, restaurants and videophone booths were plentiful onboard. Stanley and I firmly believed that commercial stations would offer the citizens of Earth far greater access to space than government-run programs."

"I still believe that today, which is why I'm supporting the Space Island Group (SIG), based in southern California. They have a detailed plan to privately finance the construction of wheel-shaped space resorts and commercial spaceplanes closely resembling what Stanley and I envisioned (3) decades ago."

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