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Space Island Group is constantly revising and developing its business plan and project development strategies. We are in the process of developing a master project financing program but have left open the opportunities for a few private individuals interested in our project. Anyone interested in discussing the project should contact us at 1-877-977-7223 for additional information.

Message from Arthur C. Clarke

   "In "2001: A Space Odyssey", Stanley Kubrick and I depicted a commercial spaceplane delivering passengers to a huge, wheel-shaped space station. Commercially operated hotels, restaurants and videophone booths were plentiful onboard. Stanley and I firmly believed that commercial stations would offer the citizens of Earth far greater access to space than government-run programs.

I still believe that today, which is why I'm supporting the Space Island Group (SIG), based in southern California. They have a detailed plan to privately finance the construction of wheel-shaped space resorts and commercial spaceplanes closely resembling what Stanley and I envisioned (3) decades ago."

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