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O.M.V. - Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle

OMVs are manned and unmanned "space tugs". They will be released to approach, grasp and return damaged satellites or other objects to the station.

OMV Other models are larger and will be assembled in space. These vehicles will be used for a variety of tasks such as moving the tanks, station construction,and transfer of passenger compartments and supply containers coming from Earth.

NASA-Marshall and TRW developed a prototype of this vehicle in the late 1980s, but the project was canceled because of cost over- runs.

OMV These over-runs were atributted to a continuous stream of performance-enhancing design changes.

Over 85% of the design work has been completed on the original prototype.

The Space Island Project will require a diversified family of OMVs.

OMV OMV-1s are the first needed, and the largest. They will attach themselves to released, empty Ets and transport them to construction areas. There, they will be maneuvered during the station assembly process

OMV-2s, half the size of OMV-1s, will fly out to unmanned orbiting assets, grapple them and return them to manned GEODES or wheel stations for repair, refueling, upgrades or salvage.

OMV OMV-2As, the largest of this group, will retrieve massive GEO satellites.

OMV-2Bs will retrieve smaller LEO sats and larger space debris.

OMV-2Cs would retrieve the smallest items.

OMV-3s will move detachable shuttle passenger compartments from arriving shuttles to the stations, and back to the shuttles.

They will also move unpowered "passenger transport pods" between stations.


OMV Cost Estimates

Engineering of All OMV Variations: $200 million
Development Time: 1 year
Prototype Production Cost of the 3 OMV Variations: $50 million each
Target Average Commercial Selling Price
of 50 Units over 5 years: $10 million each

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