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Orbit Services

Some Space Island Geode Stations will be used as satellite repair and construction facilities. Some of our proposed Geode Stations will be set up solely dedicated for the purpose to house the equipment, people, fuel and vehicles for an in-orbit construction and repair facility. Our construction and repair stations can support a wide variety of manned and robotic missions as well as the refueling of civil, commercial, and military satellites. Several aerospace companies and NASA have already developed some of the OMV vehicles Space Island Group hopes to purchase for use in space.

Orbital Construction

Our stations will be used to house the equipment and people that will build our space stations, solar power satellite stations, support asteroid mining and allow companies to build, test and launch satellites directly from space.

Repairing & Refueling Satellites & Stations

Space Island can supply the propulsion, navigation and guidance to maintain space stations and telecommunications satellite in their proper orbital slots for 10 or more additional years. We can also carry replaceable units to a damaged/degraded satellite and accomplishing on-site repair or replacement. Our maneuverable robotic vehicles and satellite construction stations will allow faster and lower cost satellite construction and repair solutions.

Rescue & Recovery

Our stations also have the capability to capture damaged equipment and return it to our stations for re-fueling or repair of any space assets. We can provide commercial and government customers lease options for our equipment and services. This will provide for a low cost satellite repair, maintenance, upgrades, replacement and recovery solutions.

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