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Research provides the things that dreams are made of! On Earth hundreds of thousands of scholars on a day by day basis are investigating advances in everything from medicine to computers.

  • In many areas of research on Earth, researchers have reached a wall.
  • Research in space in a zero-gravity environment opens a dynamic new frontier.

    Our Research facilities in space will make many breakthroughs in medicine, materials and areas that we can not even begin to imagine.

  • Research in space will create hundreds of thousands of high tech jobs and opportunities.
  • Many companies and universities will take advantage of our very low cost micro-gravity lease rates.
  • New environment to be able to experiment with new types of materials and manufacturing processes at a much lower costs.

    Additionally, areas of development on board our stations will be space telescopes that can be upgraded much more efficiently.

  • Existing satellites that have malfunctioned or that are now outdated, can be converted with upgrades on board the station and construction of new types of satellites.
  • Space Island will lease space based on $25.00 per square foot/day.

    We will provide a continuous manned presence in space to develop commercial space ventures.

  • Provides access to cost effective, safe and stable orbital facilities.
  • Provides tenant's with secured facilities to keep their research confidential.
  • Each tenant will have its own secured communication links to their company facilities on Earth (both digital video and audio).
  • Provides government agency's with access to large, private facilities to conduct research.
  • Allows company's to conduct environmentally sensitive experimentation is needed.

    Issues, which are very sensitive to the general public become far less sensitive when the experimentation is a few hundred miles in space and those conducting the experiment, have to live with their experiments for months at a time.

    The advantage here will be to remove a potential problem from the Earth's surface and make those involved responsive to safety concerns.

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