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September 23, 2002
3D Animations
We've put together the music of composer Mark Mercury with just a preview of animation from our upcoming video series about space tourism into a 9 minute music video..

Low  Size 6.57 MB
High   Size 22.8 MB

October 11, 2002
Space Island Group Project
Presentation Video
A short presentation discussing the Space Island project.
Running Time:8 Minutes

Low  Size: 2 MB
High   Size: 14 MB

February 2001
Space Island Group
RIT Presentation Video
Part one of the RIT SIG conference.
Running Time:8 Minutes

Medium   Size: 8.5 MB

NOVEMBER 22, 2000
Space Island Group Project
Presentation Video

27 Minutes
Low Bandwidth 28-56K Modems   Size: 7.7 Megs


This clip is surestreamed at 100, 300, and 700kbps, but it is optimized for ADSL/CABLE users and up, users will also need adequate cpu (pII 350recommended) in order to play the 700kbps stream.

Low Bandwidth For Phone Modems users (28.8-56K)
Fast Connection (Cable/ISDN)

Gene Meyers
Press Conference Video

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