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In the very near future, there will be a need for these very large volume facilities to house the large numbers of people needed to support tourism and commercial space ventures. Our space station designers, engineers and NASA Engineers have proposed that 12 to 16 modified ETs could be joined together to form a rigid wheel.

The central column on the station will receive the Orbital Clippers (carrying all of our passengers, equipment and supplies), it will also store the station's supplies, house its mechanical and electronic systems. One or more modules will be installed in the center column of the station to fill the needs of the station and the tenants for their zero-gravity needs.

These large wheel stations could be turned by the assistance of magnetic motors developed by amusement park ride companies, turning the outer-ring while keeping the central hub stationary for micro-gravity facilities, easier docking and stationary facilities for satellite retrieval.

The turning of the outer geode ring would produce the "feel" of 1/3 normal gravity in the wheel station's rim interiors. Dining, bathing and other activities would be practical, and would avoid the harmful physical effects on the body of zero-gravity.

Our modified tanks (modules) would already be outfitted with airlock on each end and launched using a proposed dual launch system. Each Geode would be maneuvered into place by our Station OMV's and connected easily to the ring much like train cars.

The wheel's interiors could be divided into 2 or 3 decks, offering several hundred guests, staff and tenant occupants in cruise ship like accommodations.

Workers on all of our stations including; zero-gravity, variable gravity and partial gravity stations will rotate time on and off their station assignments to lengthen their stays in space.

Other than resort accommodations other station uses include; research for our orbiting universities, satellite construction and repair, moon and asteroid mining, deep space telescope and satellite assembly, and micro-gravity manufacturing for a wide variety of products and medicines that can only be created in the weightlessness of space.


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